"An energetic young saxophone player. I recommend Styliani Tartsinis.

Sigurd Rascher, Legendary Saxophonist & Saxophone Pioneer. 


​​"An all-out, no-holds-barred, very impressive performance"

"Styliani Tartsinis is fully justified in biling herself as a saxophone virtuoso"

​Edith Eisler, New York Concert Review


"Flawless control"
"Her altissimo register (the high enf of theinstrument, extending the normal range)

 is superb, with as good control and tuning as I have ever heard"

American Record Guide

 "Styliani Tartsinis is an impressive artist and an excellent saxophonist"Paul Wagner, Saxophone Journal 

 "I was very impressed with the virtuosity that was displayed, as well as with her good musicianship. She retains a spark and enthusiasm in all of the works that she performs and her dedication to a high level of artistic accomplishment is most apparent." Albert G. Regni, Saxophonist of the New York Philharmonic,

New York Metropolitan Opera

 "Beautiful playing….very expert." Leslie Bassett, American Composer - Pulitzer Prize recipient

 An outstanding performer and individual of the highest character."
Kenneth Radnofsky, Saxophonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra 

"She is the possessor of a fine technique and innate musicality." Colman Pearce, Conductor, US and Ireland Symphony Orchestra


"Lyricalness of the lines were expressed nicely"

John Buckman, Piazzolla