Crossover Composer & Songwriter

Crossover Composer

Stella's compositional style is reflective of baroque compositional devices, Mediterean flair, mixed instrumentation with lots of percussion, and embracing the element of melody through the SCAMPER creative technique. Her music is under the title of Soundscores at

Virtuosity to Compositions

Bringing virtuosity element to her compositions, Stella focuses on contrast and drama in both her performances and compositions.  Her aim is bring the element of surprise in her performances.  Bridging traditional instrumental music with technology is the current phase of her compositional focus.  By combining these two styles, it is possible to bring traditional music through a more popular vehicle. 

Song Writing

The aim is to take life experiences or the journey through composition.  Our story is our song.  We all have a song and bringing it out only requires organized thought.  More to come. . .