Speaking & Workshops

Stella Tartsinis Monterey, CA at the Mission


Music education, creativity and Design Thinking Workshops.  

Some Lectures and Lecture Recitals: 

International Navy Saxophone Symposium 

New Jersey Music Educator's Association

 Manhattan Schools of Music

 World Saxophone Congress

West Chester Conservatory of Music 

Bruno Auditorium (Lincoln Center)

John C. Maxwell Team Speaker, Training & Coaching.

Speaking Topics

Design Thinking  Model             

  • Creative Models to brainstorm into ideas
  • Learning how to not evaluate ideas but make connections
  • How teams are the idea generations process

Learning from Adversity & Defeat

  • Theories and techniques from my Napoleon Hill certified instructor, John Maxwell Training, Army Leadership  training and a horrific life experience messed into a design
  • How to think through adversity
  • How to engage your mind through focus when there is a shut down
  • Understanding that adversity is the lesson and our approach is the solution no matter how tough the situation

Stella Tartsinis, Design Thinking

Practical Compositional Design

Approaching music composition through the design thinking process.  Starting off with a strong melody and using the SCAMPER creative model to develop and build a composition. S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is best used but not limited in a cooperative group.